Zune Timer – Update 0.7

Yesterday the first update was send to Microsoft containing the following changes

  • Songcounter build in, now it is possible to stop music playback after a specified count of songs
  • More buttons (Shuffle and Repeat)
  • Time and Date of calculated end of timer are shown
  • The currently playing song will be displayed

The following hasn’t made it in this update, but will be included in the next:

  • Directlink to musichub. (I don’t know if this is possible, i’ll look for a solution
  • music hub integration(like youtube and last.fm)
  • Setting a Time and Date to stop or start songs and calculating timer out of this input
  • Playback of a standardsong if no song is in music playback queue
  • new layout, timer input in popup, better use of available space

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